The Importance of Elevating Your Legs

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Elevating your legs

Elevated Legs

When you’re lying down in bed or on the couch watching television, are your legs straight out in front of you? If so, you’re adding pressure to your legs and, maybe,  making your leg veins worse. After a long day of sitting at the computer, too much standing, and even wearing tight-fitting clothing or shapers, that’s the last thing your veins need.

If you have noticed those leg veins, make it a promise to youself now to elevate your legs as much as possible. When you’re sleeping, when you’re lying on the couch for a night of TV or movie-viewing, and even if you can get horizontal for a little while during the day, arrange some pillows in a comfortable formation to get your legs elevated 6 to 12 inches above your heart. Read more >>

How to Get Rid of Breast Veins

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Veiny Breast

Blue Vein Chest

Your breasts are beautiful no matter what size they are, from small and perky to lusciously large. A great bra can give you the lift that nature’s reduced a bit, and you appreciate your breasts’ health more and more these days, as you take great care of them through regular self-exams and keeping your mammogram appointments.

You may love your breasts, and have someone else in your life who loves them too, but if you’ve noticed some blue veins on your breast, you might be very unhappy about those marks. They can begin when a woman is quite young, especially if she has a genetic predisposition to veinier skin, and they can develop during and after pregnancy when breasts get a workout. They may also appear after breast implant or reconstructive surgery. Cancer survivors who’ve made it through their surgery and radiation might want those blue veined reminders of their ordeal gone. And age may simply deposit them there, along with a smattering of broken capillaries and spider veins. Read more >>

Are Your Hands Making You Look Old?

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Wrinkled and Youthful Hands

If your efforts to ‘look young’ are concentrated on nightly deep-cleansing of your face, applying moisturizing masques and night creams and eye gels, take a look at the hands that are applying  those “fountain of youth” products. Your hands might be adding years to your age, with unsightly blue and bulging veins on the backs of your hands. How did that happen?

As you age, you naturally lose skin elasticity and subcutaneous fatty tissue in the backs of your hands, and, thus, you also lose water content in your hand tissue. The ‘thinning out’ of your previously pink and youthful hands has revealed the highway of veins beneath the surface, made worse if you have prominent veins to start. You might also have a genetic predisposition to veiny hands, which can make matters even worse. Read more >>

How to Protect your Veins During Travel

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airline seating

Airline Seats

No one likes being crammed into an economy class airplane seat, especially for a long trip, but there’s a greater danger than trying to keep calm during turbulence. Varicose veins can be irritated during long air travel, and blood clots can develop in the vein system of the lower legs. That can put you in grave danger.

Airlines have taken this danger to heart, placing in the seat cushion in front of you laminated cards warning passengers about what’s called ‘Economy Class Syndrome,’ and encouraging regular movement of legs and ankles to keep circulation going and veins more relaxed to avoid such a serious development during or after your flight. Exercises like rotating your ankles while you’re in your seat, walking the aisle every so often, and doing standing calf raises next to your seat are advised on these warning cards and also advised by physicians and vein therapists. And yes, the passengers in First Class have to protect their veins as well, with the same leg exercises during long flights. Read more >>

Laser Therapy and Spider Veins

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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy and Spider Veins

In most cases, laser therapy is considered the gold standard for spider vein treatment and elimination. Laser treatment’s focused beam of light is fast, non-invasive, efficient and requires no time-consuming hospital stays. It is performed in your vein specialist’s office, and with modern medical advances providing several different types of lasers with which to treat spider veins, you have multiple treatment options possible for your personalized spider vein treatment needs. Read more >>