Breast Veins

The Breast Veins - Cosmetic and Medical Facts

It’s not surprising that many women exhibit visible veins in the breast. Breast veins often become more prominent during pregnancy or puberty as a result of the natural enlargement of the breasts; veins get larger as tissue grows. Pregnancy can also make existing breast veins more prominent. Oral contraceptive use or breast augmentation can also cause veins on the breast to enlarge. Most breast veins fade following pregnancy or when swelling from breast augmentation subsides. Blue breast veins are only a cosmetic problem, and have no health consequences. However, breast veins can exhibit the same problems seen in other areas of the body, and that includes varicose veins, reticular veins and spider veins, all of which can appear on one or both breasts. 

Treating Breast Veins

Simple steps can help reduce the prominence of breast veins. A sturdy bra can help in deceasing the veins’ diameter. For permanent removal, sclerotherapy treatments provide safe and effective FDA approved methods to eliminate breast veins. For decades The Vein Center has been providing the most advanced breast vein treatments available in northern New Jersey and the surrounding area. If breast veins are keeping you from feeling the best about yourself, schedule a consultation at any of our convenient locations in Westfield, Clifton or Springfield, and let’s talk about solutions.

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About Our Doctors

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