Hand Veins

Solutions for Prominent Hand Veins

Enlarged veins of the hand are a common condition and a normal part of aging. As we grow older, skin looses its elasticity, causing the skin to sag and the hand veins to balloon out. Also, the layers of fat that women have between the skin and muscle and tendons gradually disappear and the skin itself thins, drawing attention to swollen hand veins. The sagging skin and reduced muscle tissue makes the veins in the hand appear more prominent. These bulging hand veins can’t be prevented. The good news is that prominent hand veins are only a cosmetic problem and present no health risks, and that they can be treated with advanced therapies quickly and effectively.

Are You a Candidate for Hand Vein Treatments?

The hands have a rich network of deep veins. Prominent veins on the hand can be removed for cosmetic reasons as the deeper veins have sufficient blood-carrying capacity. For a simple test, hold your hand up to eye level. If the visible veins in your hand flatten out, you have sufficient capacity in your deeper veins to excise problem hand veins. The Vein Center is northern New Jersey’s leading care facility for all forms of hand vein conditions. With a medical staff comprised solely of board certified vascular surgeons and locations in Westfield, Clifton and Springfield, we provide the best in advanced, patient-focused care for vein problems throughout the region. With offices in Westfield, Clifton and Springfield, call or email The Vein Center to schedule a consultation.

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About Our Doctors

At The Vein Center, we believe only one type of doctor is best qualified to deal with these problems: a vascular surgeon. The Vein Center is staffed exclusively by board certified Vascular Surgeons. Read more >>