Laser Ablation Treatment

Laser Ablation – An Advanced Therapy for Treating Vein Conditions

Laser Ablation is one of the advanced endovenous therapies practiced by The Vein Center’s vascular surgeons. A minimally invasive treatment for removal of varicose veins, spider veins and other problem veins, laser ablation can be performed on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia in a physician’s office. Endovenous ablation therapy has replaced surgery for most patients with varicose veins, and is often employed to treat a deeper vein in the legs, called the saphenous vein.

In the laser ablation procedure, an optical fiber, guided by high frequency ultrasound techniques, is inserted through a catheter, or narrow tube, into the vein being treated. Laser light is pulsed directly into the varicose vein, heating and sealing the vein and preventing blood from entering. As a result, the vein contracts, shrinks, and is gradually absorbed by the body. Veins on the surface of the skin connected to the treated varicose vein also often shrink after endovenous ablation, while surrounding healthy veins take over the flow of blood previously handled by the ablated vessel.

What Can Laser Ablation Do for Your Vein Condition?

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