Spider Veins Treatment

Advanced Treatment Options for Spider Veins

Spider veins – the red, blue or purple clusters of dilated capillaries – are a common cosmetic problem, with more than half of all women estimated to have this bothersome condition. Healthy lifestyles, such as maintaining proper weight, can reduce the appearance of spider veins. Today a variety of safe and effective treatments for spider veins are also available that can permanently eliminate spider veins. The board certified vascular surgeons at The Vein Center are experienced in all of these advanced vein therapies.

Sclerotherapy is a standard therapy for getting rid of spider veins. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a liquid chemical into the site through a fine needle, causing the vein walls to collapse. Within a few weeks the body absorbs the tissue, eliminating the spider veins. Sclerotherapy can be performed in a doctor’s office, and normal activities can be resumed immediately. Foam sclerotherapy uses a foam rather than liquid solution, allowing for treatment of larger veins.

Your Center for Spider Vein Therapy

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